People Experience

Make work more personal and productive.

Workday uses machine learning to curate unique experiences for every user, providing everything from guidance in career development and answers to HR and payroll questions, to personalized content. By predicting what people want and giving them quick access to what they need, we help save time and stress—so your people can lead more productive work lives.

Make searches more reliable and relevant with enterprise search.

Surface suggested tasks, applications, announcements, and personalized recommendations.

Provide users easy access to the applications they use most, both inside and outside of Workday.

Allow users to easily navigate and transact simply by talking with Workday Assistant.

Where productivity meets preference.

  • Allow people to quickly access Workday data, tasks, and reports from the workspace they prefer.
  • Bring Workday functionality to the productivity tools people use most with bot integrations.
  • Deliver the same curated experience to every device—from desktop to mobile.


Deliver personalized experiences in a completely new way.

  • Automatically suggest the tasks and actions users want most, reducing time spent navigating Workday.
  • Surface personalized information, tasks, and suggestions in a familiar card-like interface.
  • Bring Workday and non-Workday tasks, learning, and third-party content into one concierge-style experience.
  • Pull third-party videos into People Experience through Workday Content Cloud, expanding your content library.

Store and share communal knowledge.

  • Easily find content inside and outside of Workday using enterprise search.
  • Leverage natural language processing to learn how users request content, improving search over time.
  • Serve relevant knowledge-base articles with embedded, searchable videos, text, external links, tasks, and reports.
  • Give employees the ability to create a case using Workday Help right from a knowledge base article.


Case conversations, not ticket black holes.

Now there’s an easy way to keep track of your HR cases. Workday Help provides your teams with time-stamped timelines of their interactions with an employee and other case solvers.

  • Quickly access attachments, contextual insights, and internal notes.
  • Respond directly to the employee or tag other case solvers to help.
  • Alert employees on the progress of their tickets and nudge them for a response through notifications.