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Building the
most advanced
network for verified credentials.


Our Vision to Digitize Credentials in the New World of Work
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The Impact of Blockchain on HR & the Future of Work
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Workday's Credentialing Platform
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Trusted professional credentials.

We’re building the world’s most advanced network for verified and trusted credentials, powered by blockchain technology.

Organizations will be able to automatically issue and verify credentials for employees, applicants, students, and more.

Once these credentials are issued, individuals will be able to use our mobile app to securely store, manage, and share their information.

At this time, our credentialing platform* is available by invitation only.

The new way to issue and verify information.

Issuers: provide, manage, and revoke credentials with ease.

Individuals: take control of your information by selecting what you want to share.

Organizations: verify credentials instantly by going directly to the credential holder.

Workday Credentials for enterprises.

Using blockchain technology, Workday Credentials* offers organizations a way to securely request, issue, and verify credentials for a worker’s skills, learning, certifications, and more.

  • Streamline credential verification, supporting compliance for regulated industries.
  • Easily handle employment verification for your high-volume, gig-based, and contingent workforce.

WayTo™ by Workday for individuals.

WayTo™ by Workday our first consumer app, is a new way to store and manage your information safely on any device—and take it with you for life.

  • A way to manage your profile of verified credentials, skills, education, certifications, and employment history. 
  • A way to secure your information through a mobile app and easy-to-use online profile.
  • A way to control your data, manage information requests, and safely share your data.

*Workday Credentials and WayTo™ by Workday—Important Notice

Our future product content describes announced products that are not yet generally available and contain forward-looking statements for which there are risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. Our description of unreleased services, features, functionality, or enhancements are subject to change at Workday's discretion and may not be delivered as planned or at all. Workday assumes no obligation for and does not intend to update any such forward-looking statements. Customers who purchase Workday services should make purchase decisions based upon currently available services, features, and functions.